English Books

Following are the English Cyber Security Books, I have Authored.

Topic: Metasploit Framework

Metasploit is one of the Industry Leading tool when it comes to Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment and Vulnerability Research

Series: Mastering Metasploit

Mastering Metasploit Series of Books started in 2014 with subsequent editions releasing in 2016, 2018 and the upcoming edition in 2020. Every Book in the release is different with content changes upto 70%

1. Mastering Metasploit, First Edition, 2014

This book is a hands-on guide to penetration testing using Metasploit and covers its complete development. It will help you clearly understand the creation process of various exploits and modules and develop approaches to writing custom functionalities into the Metasploit framework

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2. Mastering Metasploit, Second Edition, 2016

With Updated Scenarios and Modules,this edition dive deep into the hardcore development, post exploitation modules and much more

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3. Mastering Metasploit, Third Edition, 2018

The updated edition takes turn to the wilds of penetration testing and introduces red team scenarios and Active Directory exploitation. The book covers high speed exploitation and much more

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4. Mastering Metasploit, Fourth Edition, 2020

In Works edition contains jam packed exercises on red teamings, ninja techniques and building highly evasive modules in metasploit

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Series: Metasploit Bootcamp

Metasploit Bootcamp unlike Mastering Metasploit Series focuses on the begginers. With its 7 Day Learning Curve, the book covers a bootcamp style teaching mechanism.

5. Metasploit Bootcamp, First Edition, 2017

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Series: Metasploit Revealed

Metasploit Revealed is course book for Metasploit having combined Mastering Metasploit, Metasploit Bootcamp and another basic book on metasploit. The book is meant for absolute begginers who wish to master the framework.

6. Metasploit Revealed First Edition, 2017

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Series:The Complete Metasploit Guide

Another Course Book having combined Mastering Metasploit Second and Third Edition along with Metasploit Bootcamp with twists and basics from Sagar Rahalkar

7. The Complete Metasploit Guide, First Edition, 2019

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Topic: Network Forensics

Network Forensics is the Study of Network Related Artifacts that can reveal important evidence in a cyber crime scenario

Series: Hands-On Network Forensics

Hands-On Network Forensics is a completely practical guide which allows you to learn network forensics on the packet level. With its cutting edge scenarios, malware analysis exercises, it teaches deep tech topics in a simplistic manner

8. Hands-On Network Forensics, 2018, First Edition

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Chinese Books


Topic: Metasploit Framework


Series: Mastering Metasploit


9. 精通Metasploit渗透测试 , First Edition, 2016

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10. 精通Metasploit渗透测试(第2版), Second Edition, 2017

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11. 精通Metasploit渗透测试(第3版) , Third Edition, 2019

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